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Stun Pens

Great Self Defense Products

Buy a stun pen here at a great price.  Protect yourself with a stun gun pen.

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Stun Gun Laws - Please click to check your state before ordering stun guns.
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Lightning Rod 1200k Volt High Powered Rechargeable Stun Pen And LED Light
Retail: $79.95
Buy Now: $55.97
You save $23.98!
Lightning Rod 800000 Volt Stun Pen and LED Flashlight
Retail: $79.95
Buy Now: $55.97
You save $23.98!
Streetwise 600k 3 In 1 Rechargeable Security Guard
Retail: $99.95
Buy Now: $69.97
You save $29.98!
Streetwise Stun Pen and Security Guard
Imagine how useful it would be to have a pen light and a stun gun all in one little package.  The Lightning Rod Stun Pen functions nicely as a LED bright flashlight and a stun gun pen at the same time.  Who would imagine the regular looking flashlight hanging on your belt could also deliver huge stopping power.  One model comes with replaceable batteries and the other is rechargeable. 

The Security Guard Stun Pen also has an alarm to sound for help with the slide of a switch.

Stun guns are prohibited in certain areas, please review the list below before purchasing a stun gun. Pepper spray is a great alternative if you live in one of those areas that stun guns are illegal.

Stun Gun Laws - Click here to check your state before ordering.

Streetwise Stun Pens are the Best Stun Gun Pens you can buy.  Guaranteed.

30% Off and Free Shipping*